Hymnspirational Moments

For two millennia the songs of the Church have been as central to the act of worship as the invocation of prayer or the recitation of Scripture.  At many of the darkest moments in a Christian's life, the Lord choses to use a song to bring comfort, consolation and peace.  This section of The Bruised Reed Blog contains links to inspirational and devotional posts based on Christian hymns and hymnology.  Be watching for more Hymnspirational Moments soon to come!

#1 - I've Come Too Far To Look Back -  "The distance from earth to heaven is not measured in miles or kilometers nor is the journey gauged by the amount of time you have spent in traveling.  At the moment of conversion the Christian is suddenly far removed from the sinful nature that was left behind in the regeneration of the new birth.  In an instant, the soul of man is made so near to the very throne of God that the Spirit of God enters and a deposit of the heavenly is given to the Believer as an earnest payment of the eternal inheritance of the Saints."  To read more, click HERE.

#2 - Hide Thou Me - "We have a friend in Jesus who understands.  In His arms there is safety whether we are in the midst of an oven of fire, surrounded by lions in their den, confronted with our own mortality, shaken by the failure of our family or paralyzed with the fear of brutality.  We may run to that Rock which is higher than not only ourselves but our circumstances and He will hide us there in safety." To read more, click HERE.

#3 - The Comforter Has Come - "And even now, though almost two millenia have passed since that great Day of Pentecost outpouring of the promise of the Father, the Holy Spirit is still being given.  Along with this supernatural endowment of power from on high (Luke 24:49) the persistent and demanding impulse to be a witness yet remains.  We who have received this gift MUST speak to those who have yet to receive."  To read more, click HERE.

#4 - I See A Crimson Stream Of Blood - "In the darkest moments of life, lift up your eyes to the throne of God.  As your gaze rises heavenward, you will not be able to help but pass your eyes by Golgotha and see the fountain from which the saving blood of Christ continues to flow.  Watching the earth in despair is vanity.  Look unto Jesus, the Author and Finisher or faith.  Look to Him when fear and condemnation bids you to look elsewhere and otherwise.  His riven side and nail-pierced hands and feet serve as a reminder that you are loved beyond any normal degree possible by mortals."  To read more, click HERE.

#5 - Where Jesus Is 'Tis Heaven - "Heaven, as the eternal state, is a remarkable place.  How much more remarkable it is that those who have been redeemed can know the joy of heaven while still on earth!  A new life, life and that more abundantly, awaits whosoever will come to Jesus Christ in contrite repentance and is born again."  To read more, click HERE.

#6 - Take Time To Be Holy - "Holiness.  So misunderstood.  For some it is declared as a list of rules to be obeyed while, for others, it is a state imputed requiring nothing of the recipient.  Biblically speaking, holiness is the state of being separated unto God.  The holy life is a life which ceases to be its own and finds contentment in sacrificing self-will on the altar of confidence."  To read more, click HERE.

#7 - I Know My Redeemer Lives (277, Antioch) - "The tremendous message of Redemption has been engraved in the hands of the crucified Lord, signed in the blood of the Lamb in the very name of God Almighty and sealed with the guarantee of an oath of Him who, since He can swear by none greater, has sworn by Himself.  Glory!  Hallelujah!  Jesus Christ is risen; He is risen indeed!"  To read more, click HERE.

#8 - The Sacred Throne - "And why should it be that Christ would yield up His life for the benefit of those as vile as these?  The great mystery of the ages: "for God so loved the world." (John 3:16).  The love of God reaches for you now, not to justify you with your sins, but to save you from them.  None has gone too far, done acts too vile or stooped to a sufficient degree of unworthiness as to be out of the desire of the love demonstrated in the blood of Christ."  To read more, click HERE.

#9 - Come Ye Sinners, Poor And Needy - "'I am a sinner.'  These words are far more easily said than meant.  They often come from the mouth of an individual who, in reality, desires carnal justification rather than spiritual reconciliation.  It is the catchphrase of those who are caught in wrongdoing and are often followed with the alibi, "but so are you."  Yet they are four of the most powerful words in the English language when spoken in sincerity framed in the understanding of one's own nature and real standing before a Righteous and Holy God."  To read more, click HERE.

#10 - He'll Understand And Say, "Well Done" - "Do you ever fall on your knees in prayer, close your eyes and say, 'Lord, you know I've done my best?'  And when you can say it justifiably and not in self-deception, it is a most emotional expression.  It is a statement uttered often in a time of great despair; when everything has been done to the best of our ability in obedience to the Lord and, yet, appear to end in failure.  This is very true in regard to trying to convince our fellow man of the Lordship of Christ and the lessons of the Gospel."  To read more, click HERE.

This page is dedicated to the memory of a godly woman, my mother in the Faith and the one who instilled a love for music in my heart.  The songs she sang and taught me will live in my heart and mind forever. 

Sis. Lou Ann Holley
October 8, 1932 - May 21, 2012