"A bruised reed He shall not break and a smoking flax He shall not quench." - Matthew 12:20

About The Author

Jason and Elaine Hood
Jason Michael Hood was born in Paris, Texas, USA in 1984.  The illegitimate son of a teenage girl, Jason was raised by his grandmother after the untimely death of his mother in 1987.  In 1999, he was born again at Landmark Apostolic Church in Paris, Texas and served under the ministry of Pastor Johnny L. Holley.  In 2007, he made his first missionary journey to Venezuela because of which the direction of his life would be changed forever.

Jason has traveled much of the United States and Latin America preaching the Gospel including serving as a Missionary in Mexico and Belize.  He is also a musician, author and historian with special interest in both Biblical and early American history.  June 2016 marked 17 years that he has served in Apostolic ministry.  Jason is a graduate of King's Way Language and Missions Training Center (2009) with concentrations in Spanish language and Missiology and Biblical Apostolic University (2012) as a Theology major.  He received his ministerial license in 2002 and was ordained in 2010 with the Assemblies of the Lord Jesus Christ.  In 2017, Jason joined the Apostolic Faith Fellowship as an Ordained Minister.  His ministry has also been recognized by various other Oneness organizations throughout the United States and Latin America including the United Apostolic Church Incorporated and the Apostolic Pentecostal Church of Belize, Central America.

Currently, he and his wife Elaine, whom he married on June 20, 2015, live in Rolla, Missouri where Jason serves as Bible Teacher at The Pentecostals of Rolla.  He also serves as Pastor at Christ Fellowship, an Apostolic Pentecostal Home Missionary work in Lebanon, Missouri, as well as National World Missions Director for the Apostolic Faith Fellowship.  
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