So...Whatever Happened to the Bruised Reed?

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

It has been approximately six months since you've seen an update to and I think an explanation is probably very well overdue.  For those who know my wife and me personally, no explanation is required.  But for those of you who are connected to us only through the avenue of The Bruised Reed Blog, I hope this update will give you an insight into the exciting things that are happening in our life.

To begin with, let me reassure you that is not dead whatsoever.  Though I have not been updating the site regularly as I had been since its inception in October 2014, a continual flow of users, both old and new, has been enjoyed.  Currently, there are over 27,000 users in 119 countries representing a 10,000 user increase since October 2016.  Along with this, 570 individuals have completed our brief Salvation Bible Study (approximately 120 in the past year).  So, although this site has been on autopilot, it is far from dead...praise be to God.

In March 2017 my wife and I left full-time evangelistic work to follow the calling of God and a burden for the city of Lebanon, Missouri.  A city of approximately 16,000, Lebanon is located in south-central Missouri along the Interstate 44 corridor.  The Lord opened every conceivable door, cleared all obstacles and made it possible to establish Christ Fellowship Apostolic Pentecostal Church at 884 West Park Manor.  We are thankful that the Lord has allowed us to have a part in establishing this new work and I'm most honored to serve this community as a Pastor.

Along with us are Rev. Don Thompson and his family who are instrumental in this work as co-founders and Assistants.  Their family is available for Evangelistic meetings and I would be glad to share their contact information with you if you are interested.  The Lord has drawn people together at Christ Fellowship, wonderful people with a desire to serve God and see the Kingdom work go forward.  We look forward to the future of Christ Fellowship, not only as a local church in Lebanon, but as a true Home Missionary hub reaching into unreached and underserved areas of our region.  We are thankful to all of those Pastors and Churches that have partnered with us in this effort.  You know who you are and we cannot express our gratitude sufficiently.  You can check out our website at  Along with this endeavor, I continue to serve as a Bible Teacher at The Pentecostals of Rolla in Rolla, Missouri.

In May 2017 the Lord opened a door for secular employment with a Bible-based Homeschool Company called My Father's World.  This is a job which has brought me great personal satisfaction because of the company's annual contributions to Pioneer Bible Translators, the Institute for Bible Translation and God's Word for the Nations, three organizations which work together to translate the Word of God into indigenous languages which have either no written translation of the Bible or an incomplete volume of Scripture.  Not only has God provided a way for me to provide for my family but to satisfy the Foreign Missionary in my heart that desires all men everywhere to have the Word of God in their hands that they might find and follow the same Jesus with whom I have fallen in love.  If you are interested in finding out more information about My Father's World homeschool curriculum, you can visit them online at

Sis. Hood has not only been enjoying the adjustment from traveling life to that of a housewife, but has been keeping herself quite busy as well.  Returning to an old "hobby" of hers, my wife has picked up her Commercial Driver's License again serving as a driver for the school district in Rolla, Missouri.  Along with this, my wife is a trained and certified public school teacher who, though more than qualified to stand in any classroom and instruct, is applying her skills as a private tutor.  In her spare time, she's sharpening her culinary skills, writing and serving as my editor and disciplinarian.

 There are a few personal projects on which work has resumed.  To begin with, a project called "The Jesus Journey" is very high on my priorities at this time.  What began as a very basic Bible reading/study program for our local church is being developed into a multifaceted program which can be customized for personal study, group study or for use as a one semester survey of the Gospels for Christian school or homeschool students.  We are hoping to begin rolling out some finished editions early in 2018 in time for the new school semester.

I am also continuing work on a old project called "On The Mountain With Jesus: Lessons in Christian Discipleship."  It is intended to be a 32 week study guide outlining subjects of Christian life and discipline as presented by Christ in His Sermon on the Mount.  This can also be customized for personal study, group study or for use as a two semester survey of the basics of Christian Living for Christian school or homeschool students.

When completed these will be available for purchase online through and through Facebook.  I am also working on a series of children's books and am awaiting the discovery of a talented illustrator who is willing to work for the thrill of having their work published plus a reasonable royalty.

So...what does the future of The Bruised Reed look like?  I plan to begin writing for the website again and making an effort to update it at least once a month with an article, a Hymspirational Moment and an audio broadcast.  Beyond that, I look forward to all that the Lord will be doing as The Bruised Reed goes forward.  As long as I have the $15 a year to keep the site online it will remain because it has proven to be a tool God has used for His glory.  I trust He will continue to do so.  Keep watching, expecting, praying and interceding.  The Bruised Reed hasn't died.  It has only been resting for a season.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this site a success.  Please continue to pray for all of the endeavors mentioned in this update.


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