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Dying For The Lack Of A Wound

"Wounding blows cleanse away evil, and beatings purge the innermost parts." - Proverbs 20:30 (WEB)

Several years ago I fell victim to a very severely ingrown toenail.  My right big toenail had ingrown on both sides, curled upward and was cutting a path through the meat of my toe.  The podiatrist had me lie down on an examination table, pulled a screen over my lap to obscure my view, sprayed my toe with a deadening agent and, with the assistance of two or three injections of local anesthetic, removed the toenail.  In the process, my toe was laid open in three distinct pieces which had to be put back together.  The wound was horrible.  The doctor bandaged my wounded toe and sent me on my way with strict orders as to what I could and couldn't do and with a followup appointment in two weeks.

Permit me a moment to focus your attention away from the details of the operation and on to that which caused it to become necessary.  It was brought about by my own negligence.  Severa…