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Will I Ever Smile Again?

The broken heart of a child is so easily mended. How wonderful life would be if all of our heartaches came upon us in those early years when life is simple, worries are few and we are blissfully ignorant of conditions such as despair and hopelessness. Unfortunately as we grow in physical stature we must also grow in our knowledge of reality. Man’s days are short and full of trouble and those troubles come all too often when we are least prepared for them.
“Cheer up!” one might say to a disheartened soul. “Everything will be alright,” and “there is a reason for it all” cut to the heart of one who is suffering because, no matter the sympathy with which they are said, the one who hears knows the reality: things may never be “alright” and some things happen that are far beyond reason. And so the weariness of life wipes the smile from our faces as our hearts are crushed within us. Such was the case of one young man.
Having been broken into pieces to the point of being unable to even find him…

Hymnspirational Moment #2

Verse 1 Sometimes I feel discouraged and I think my life in vain I’m tempted then to murmur, to grumble, and complain But when I think of Jesus and what He’s done for me Then I cry O Rock of Ages, Hide Thou me
Chorus: O Rock of Ages, Hide Thou me No other refuge have I but Thee Through life’s dark vail I wander so far, far from Thee Then I cry O Rock Of Ages, Hide Thou me
Verse 2 I have a friend in Jesus blest anchor of my soul I feel His presence ever when stormy billows roll And when I think of Jesus and what He’s done for me I cry O Rock of Ages hide Thou me
A woman sits alone in the living room of her modest but comfortable home in the middle of the night.  Her husband is sleeping soundly in the other room and the house is silent.  She sits alone looking out of the window wondering just how many more nights she will have left.  The doctor used words like "advanced," "aggressive" and "inoperable."  Tears fill her eyes as she thinks of her husband, her ch…

Just Bake The Cake

"Then Elijah said to her, 'Do not fear; go, do as you have said, but make me a little bread cake from it first and bring it out to me, and afterward you may make one for yourself and for your son." - 1 Kings 17:13 (NASB)

The actions of a rebellious ruler had brought the wrath of God upon a nation.  Elijah the prophet had earnestly prayed and, as a result, the heavens were closed up and a famine fell upon the land.  For three and a half years the hand of God was against the government of Ahab and, consequentially, the entirety of his domain.  Nevertheless, the Almighty God had his eye on a few individuals in particular.  One of them was Elijah the prophet.  Certainly the Lord was going to care for His prophet since, after all, it was not going to rain again until he spoke the word.  So great was God's care for His prophet that ravens were sent with provisions for him when there was little hope of sustenance from any reasonable source.  But the great prophet Elijah was…