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Hymnspirational Moment #1


Verse 1
I've come too far to look back again. There is nothing behind me.
All the treasures I used to love have all faded from view.
There's a new day ahead for me. All my heartache is over.
For I left it at Calvary where my new life began.

I've come too far to look back again.  My feet have walked through the valley.
I've climbed mountains, crossed rivers, desert places I've known.
But I'm nearing the home shore.  The redeemed are rejoicing.
Heaven's angels are singing.  I've come too far to look back.

Verse 2 
Look around, there's no happiness.  There's no reason for living.
Life will give you a broken dream full of sorrow and fear.
Turn around, don't look back again.  Face the new day before you.  
Place your heartache in Jesus' hand.  He can mend broken dreams.

The distance from earth to heaven is not measured in miles or kilometers nor is the journey gauged by the amount of time you have…

Don't Forget About The Baskets

"For they considered not the miracle of the loaves: for their heart was hardened." - Mark 6:52

A multitude of 5,000 men had gathered around Jesus Christ in an isolated place to hear Him teach the truths of the Gospel and the Kingdom of God.  But, as the old missionary once said, there has never been a sermon loud enough to cover the cry of an empty stomach.  Soon the crowd began to hunger.  Jesus' closest disciples recognized their condition and immediately came to the Lord seeking a resolution.  Five loaves of bread and two fish were found and brought to Jesus.  Imagine the scene.  The Lord told His disciples to group the people together in small units and, having blessed the bread and fish, began dividing the food items into the hands of the disciples.  Then, the miracle began to happen. 

The image that we often have is of Jesus Christ passing out bread and fish to the multitude but such is not what we are presented with in Mark's Gospel.  Rather, we see the very …