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The Epitaph For The Faithful: A Message of Encouragment for Christian Servants

"These all died in faith, not having received the things promised, but having seen them and greeted them from afar, and having acknowledged that they were strangers and exiles on the earth." - Hebrews 11:3 (ESV)

Recently I was walking through the older section of a large cemetery indulging in one of my more peculiar hobbies: reading epitaphs.  Though it is admittedly somewhat macabre it is also an interesting insight into the way we have processed the matters of death and our reflections on life.  As I read some of the more traditional lines like "Gone But Not Forgotten," "Beloved Mother" and "Budded On Earth To Bloom In Heaven," I saw a brief message carved out in solid granite: 

"They Did What They Could" My initial reaction was a bemused chuckle.  I was standing over the grave of a couple who had been married for over 50 years when they died.  The husband lived into his 70's and the wife survived him by a little less than a deca…

Thank You, Mrs. Stanley

The image above contains the text of a popular revision of a poem written by "Bessie" Anderson Stanley in 1904 and often incorrectly attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson. Mrs. Stanley won $250 for answering the question, "What is success?" in 100 words or less with this submission to Brown Book Magazine.  The original text of her work is somewhat different but resonates with the same sentiments:  

He has achieved success who has lived well,  Laughed often, and loved much; Who has enjoyed the trust of pure women,  The respect of intelligent men and the love of little children; Who has filled his niche and accomplished his task; Who has never lacked appreciation of Earth's beauty or failed to express it; Who has left the world better than he found it, Whether an improved poppy, a perfect poem, or a rescued soul; Who has always looked for the best in others and given them the best he had; Whose life was an inspiration; Whose memory a benediction.
Success, for Mrs Stanley, was no…